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Having a good roof is something you probably take for granted, until cracks, or missing or curling shingles cause leaks. But why would you wait until a leaking roof causes damage to your home? We recommend regular spring inspections as part of your annual gutter clean out to look for damage before it reaches your family on the inside of your home.
Central Ohio’s weather is temperamental. High winds, rain, and even hail, can cause your roof to fail. Scheduling a roof inspection will help give you peace of mind all year long. We have an experienced repair team that knows exactly how to spot a problem early before it can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.
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A roof is more than shingles. It’s a complete system designed to protect your home. Cost estimates take into account product choices, installation complexity, warranties, clean-up, and more.

Columbus Window & Siding recommends Timberline HDZ® Roofing Shingles, which are – North America’s #1 Selling Shingle. Also known as “laminate” shingles, they’re made with multiple layers which are fused together, resulting in a rich, multidimensional look. Timberline HDZ® shingles include GAF’s limited warranties for Algae Protection and Wind. Available in 24 colors, you can add or replace roofing that matches its architectural style or your remodeling vision.

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The Best Roofing Materials


But how will you know what materials to choose? Columbus Windows & Siding uses only the best available shingles, made by major manufacturers like Owens Corning and GAF. These are trusted names in the business and offer products with great warranties that we put our trust in – and our name behind.

But what’s under the shingle is just as important at the shingle itself. For decades, roofing best practices had required a 15# layer of felt under the shingles. This helps pull water off the roof and dampens sound for the residents inside. But the latest industry improvement is a synthetic version of roofing felt that offers better protection from the elements.

We offer an upgrade to synthetic roof felt as an extra layer of defense to protect from winter ice dams that can build up under your shingles and cause roof leads. This would cost on average $1700.00 a roof.  

Always ask your roofing contractor what kind of materials they’ll be using. You should always get a replacement estimate in writing, along with a written warranty.

Roof Ventilation

Moisture is the enemy of any roof. Without proper roof ventilation, heat and humidity can build up in your attic, wreaking havoc on the roof decking and shingles. With proper ventilation, your home will stay cooler in the summer, increasing your air conditioning bills and wasting energy. Without proper ventilation, your roof may wear out prematurely, and even void the manufacturer’s shingle warranty.

As part of the standard roof inspection, Columbus Windows & Siding can evaluate the effectiveness of your existing ventilation system and suggest ways to improve the efficiency and longevity of your roof.

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