Lewis Center, OH – Royal Siding Board and Batten

This homeowner in Lewis Center, OH opted to replace their house siding with Royal Building Product Board and Batten vinyl siding for their two-story home. As part of the project, Columbus Window & Siding Co. also replaced the house wrap, which is required under exterior siding.

mia mahafee home before
mia mahafee home
mahafee after

House wrap, also known as building wrap or weather-resistant barrier, is a material used in the construction of buildings to enhance their weather resistance and energy efficiency. Typically made from synthetic materials like polyethylene or polypropylene, house wrap is installed between the outer cladding (such as siding) and the sheathing (such as plywood) of a house. It acts as a barrier against moisture infiltration while allowing water vapor to escape, preventing mold and rot. In Columbus, Ohio, where the climate is characterized by varying temperatures and precipitation throughout the year, using house wrap is crucial to protect homes from potential water damage and to maintain insulation efficiency. According to the Building Codes for Columbus and Franklin County, a weather-resistant barrier is required during construction to prevent water intrusion into wall assemblies (Source: Columbus.gov, Residential Code of Ohio section R703.1).

The home was updated with Royal Building’s Board and Batten vinyl siding, which is also sometimes called vertical siding, to add dimension and character to the home. This siding option offers a strong and clean rustic look as its main attraction, but it can also work wonderfully as a modern touch. It brings together the best of traditional and contemporary styles.

If you are thinking of Royal Building Product’s Board and Batten vinyl siding for your home, you can pick from a variety of colors that can reduce heat buildup and is designed to keep colors form fading using proprietary Chromatix™ technology color protection. In addition, this vinyl siding option is low-maintenance and covered by their limited lifetime warranty.

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