Ideas For Board And Batten Siding

Originally used by American settlers to cover barns and log houses, board and batten siding has been around for hundreds of years. Board-and-batten houses are built with wood planks for siding and battens small, narrow strips of wood to cover the seams, which prevents heat loss and rain, snow, and wind from entering. If you are ready to get some board and batten siding for your home, be sure to reach out to us for all your board and batten siding Columbus, Ohio and keep these points in mind for inspiration.

Industrial Design

There are a wide variety of colors available for vinyl and composite board and batten. A darker gray like charcoal combined with black trim can create a contemporary, industrial look perfect for urban settings. Your home’s exterior can be given a unique look by mixing vertically-installed lap siding with horizontally-installed lap siding.

Just Beachy

You can add some seaside charm to your home even if you live far from the coast with light gray and medium blue board and batten. If you add some white trim to compliment your siding, you’ll feel like you’re living a coastal lifestyle 365 days a year.

Woodsy Vibes

A cozy, woodsy feel can be achieved by using greens, browns, and mixed siding styles and materials. A fresh look for your lake house or a cabin in the woods can be achieved with board and batten. Now you can have the look of real wood without having to paint or stain it with durable, eco-friendly engineered wood siding.

Cottage Style

Would you like to add some board and batten siding to your brick or stone exterior? Nothing to worry about. A craftsman or cottage-style home can look traditional and modern when paired with brick or stone siding. It can also be used to make decks and porches more hospitable by making their walls look and feel softer.

Board And Batten Siding Installation

It’s appealing, low maintenance, and durable to have board and batten siding on your home. The highest quality materials cannot protect your home if they are not installed correctly, even if they are made from vinyl or composite materials. During the harsh winters and fluctuating temperatures of Northern New Jersey, you need an exterior that will last. Board and batten siding experts with experience installing board and batten siding are just as important as choosing a company that offers high-quality products.

Modern Farmhouse Look

Baord and Batten Vinyl Siding Columbus OhioA crisp, clean farmhouse look is best created with white board and batten vertically installed with black or dark blue trim. Many homeowners mix board and batten siding with other siding styles and place it in different configurations.

You can transform the exterior of your home with our high-quality vinyl and composite board and batten siding. You can use these board and batten siding ideas to create a rustic farmhouse look or add modern accents to the exterior of your home. If you need help with board and batten siding in Columbus, Ohio, give us a call.

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