How To Prevent Birds From Flying Into Grove City, OH Replacement Windows

When you get Grove City, OH replacement windows, you want to make sure they look great and last a long time. Many people have problems with birds flying into their windows and breaking or cracking them. It can also be harmful to the birds. Birds that don’t die on impact can be killed by other animals when they fall to the ground injured. While there is always a chance that birds could fly into your windows, these tips can help reduce those chances.

Move Feeders

Look at your home and year and find the bird feeders and watering holes. Birds are more likely to fly into your windows if the windows are near these things. They will frequent these areas and are more likely to be distracted by them when flying by the windows. If possible, move the feeders and watering holes to other areas of the yard where they are not near the windows and are less likely to cause a bird to fly into them by accident.

Bird Tape

Many pet stores and some home improvement stores that tape that is specially designed to prevent bird and window accidents. The tape should be added to the windows with the proper spacing. This lets the birds know that there is a glass there and that it’s not an open area where they can fly through. You can find tape that doesn’t leave marks on your windows and is barely noticeable. It can help save your windows and the lives of many birds who would otherwise crash into them. While you may be hesitant to add tape to your new windows, it may be the only way to protect them from birds.

Bird Decals

Birds may not know to avoid windows, but they do know that they shouldn’t fly to close to each other. If you have a problem with birds flying into your windows, you may want to install bird decals. The decals are just stickers that can be applied to your windows and look like pictures of birds. When birds fly near your windows and see the decal, they think it is another bird and will avoid it. This will cause them to fly in the opposite direction and will keep your windows safe and protect the birds from severe injuries.

Grove City, OH replacement window

Birds fly into windows a lot more often than people think. Not only will it break your Grove City, OH replacement windows, it can also cause serious injuries to the birds. If you want to protect your windows from damage and protect the birds that live around you, consider trying some of the solutions above to ensure your windows are protected. If you are ready to buy new windows for your home, be sure to reach out to Columbus Windows and Siding Company. We are here to help you choose the windows that will look and perform best in your home. Give us a call today.

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