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No-obligation application.

Check your eligibility with no obligation and explore financing options without affecting your credit

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Zero upfront costs.

Get your project started with $0 down, and no interest – no payment plans up to 18 months.

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You get the final say.

Your contractor will not be paid until you sign off that the project has been completed.


What is Benji?

Benji is a home improvement financing option from Renovate America. You can use it to finance nearly any home upgrade. It’s only offered to homeowners by contractors who are part of the Renovate America network.

What improvements can be funded with Renovate America?

Any home improvement is eligible as long as it is permanently affixed to the home.

Are there application fees for Benji?

No, there are no application fees for Benji.

When is my first payment due?

Your first Benji payment will be due 30 days after your project is complete, unless you have chosen a Special Financing plan. Benji Special Financing plans do not require any payments for a pre-designated promotional period. If the balance is paid in full before the end of the Special Financing promotional period, all interest will be waived. If the promotional period expires and the balance is not paid in full, the remaining balance, including any accrued interest, will be repaid in monthly payments over the remainder of the term.

Do I need to obtain a building permit?

If your city or county has building permit requirements, both you and your contractor are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and completing inspections, including final inspection sign-off from the appropriate city or county building department. You should speak with your contractor for further information.