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Besides your roof, siding is the most important part of the home. Not only is damaged siding unsightly, it is also your first defense against water infiltration of the home. If untreated it could cause more damage to your home resulting in higher costs to fix the substrate and any interior damage. The best remedy is to immediately repair any missing panels, holes, cracks. bubbling, or melted siding.

Columbus Window & Siding Company has a simple siding repair estimation process:

  1. Call us to discuss the repair
  2. Send us a photo
  3. In most cases, we can give an estimate over the phone
  4. If not, we can travel to your home to inspect the damage, perform an assessment, and then provide an estimate

Upon making an assessment we can determine the type of siding needed and closely match the repair material to your existing siding. If you have the missing panels, please do not throw them away as we can certainly reuse them.

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