Preparing Your Home For A Siding Installer

You can ensure a successful professional siding installation project by preparing your home and siding for the siding contractor’s arrival. A siding installation can be easier if you have some insight into how to prepare the home and get it ready for a vinyl siding installer in Columbus, Ohio

Remove Loose, Rotten, Or Outdated Boards

It will be necessary to remove rotted boards. If you know how to do it, you can remove the rotted boards yourself or have the siding contractor handle it for you. In addition to loose boards, nails may be needed to secure them in place, or they can be removed. A board that is outdated or not in good working condition should also be replaced. Some siding installations require the removal of shutters and downspouts as well.

Install Flashing to Direct Water Away From Your Home

Your home’s foundation is protected by flashing by guiding water away from your home. If your home does not currently have flashing, it is strongly recommended (if not required) to install it during siding installation. Aluminum trim coils are highly resistant to water and damage, so they are ideal for home flashing. Any openings (such as windows) should have flashing installed below, on both sides, and above them.

Consider The Installation Of Insulating Sheathing

An additional layer of protection from the elements and a nailing base is provided by the sheathing. Choosing a sheathing material that offers optimal insulation is recommended if your existing sheathing is outdated or damaged. Furthermore, some building codes require a weatherproof barrier to be installed over the sheathing for additional protection. You can reduce the risk of water damage inside your walls and reduce the amount of money you spend on energy each month.

Ensure That All Outdoor Furniture That Could Cause Delays Is Removed

It can be difficult for the siding installation team to complete their work if there is outdoor furniture or equipment around the perimeter of your home, which leads to delays. In order to speed up siding installation, you should move all furniture and other items along your home’s siding (such as lawnmowers and wheelbarrows).

Maintain The Exterior Of Your Home By Trimming Shrubs And Trees

The installation of siding on your home can be made difficult by shrubbery and trees that block the siding. Trim back branches and bushes to make sure a siding contractor can reach all parts of your home’s siding when preparing your home for a siding installation.

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Getting Rid Of Valuables From Inside Your Home’s Siding

Boards and panels are often nailed into place during home siding installation. The vibration may be felt on the interior portion of the house, particularly on the other side of the exterior siding. It is possible in some instances for wall decor and other valuables to fall from the walls due to this. If you want to prevent this from happening, remove any valuables that are hanging on walls or hanging on the ceiling.

If you are planning to have a vinyl siding installer in Columbus, Ohio, install your siding, prepare your home ahead of time and see our brands available. The tips above can help or you can reach out to us for assistance.

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