Popular Vertical Vinyl Siding Colors For 2023

If you are thinking about getting new vertical vinyl siding in Columbus, OH or just painting the siding you have, you may want to choose a popular color. Here are some of the most popular colors for the year.


People are more likely to feel emotions when they see red than any other color. The old, rusty barn red color that was produced by using linseed oil is one of the most popular siding colors for houses. If you are looking for a red, choose one that leans more towards rust or brown than that of a fire engine. A house siding color painted in dark red can resonate with viewers as a symbol of nostalgia if done correctly.


Blue has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years in all shades. Even though blue is a bold color, viewers are also evoked with a sense of serenity and peace by it. Visitors get a sense of peace and well-being from a view of the sea when houses are painted Coastal Blue with a crisp white trim.


You’ll probably see many houses painted in colors similar to green if you live in the northern sections of the US. There are many conservative neighborhoods that use a muted green, but it works well in communities that value more natural colors, such as those in the surrounding fields, woods, and trees. Additionally, if you live in an area like the south where darker houses are preferred, a home painted with green can look great with several different accent colors.


Whether you live in a rural or urban region, or have an architectural style of your own, neutrals are universally popular. Because neutrals blend well with their surroundings, they can complement a neighborhood with a range of colors and styles without clashing or drawing unnecessary attention to the home. For those who want a small pop of color, neutrals such as tan blend well with accent colors like green shutters.


For several years now, gray has become the most popular neutral shade. The rich beauty of grays such as gray can be appreciated by anyone who doesn’t love shades of tan or cream. Depending on your personal taste, this rich color could also be the backdrop for a blue accent, or make a red door pop.


Light and white colored homes can be found along both coasts and in many areas of New England. Creating a subtle and classic house palette is easy with linen white. White linen can create a sense of warmth and approachability when paired with black shutters and a red door.

vertical siding Columbus Windows and Siding Company v2Yellow

You want your home’s exterior to be bright and warm, but you don’t know what color to choose? Look no further than pale, yellow tones. With this warm color, a home will appear brighter and lighter without being overpowering. In a variety of architectural styles and levels, yellow can be paired with a crisp white trim.


When it comes time to get new vertical vinyl siding in Columbus, OH, be sure to let us help you choose the right color or the best option for you.

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