Plants To Hang In Your Replacement Windows

If you are planning to get new windows for your, home, you may be excited to try them out and take advantage of it. You have a lot of options for decorating your windows and one of the things you can do is hang plants in them. Plants can bring a lot of color to your home and they can even boost your mood and help purify the air in your home. Knowing which plants to add to your windows can ensure they grow well. If you are thinking about buying Columbus, OH vinyl window and siding be sure to keep these tips in mind for choosing the right plants.  

Air Plants 

Air plants are the ideal low-upkeep plant to keep anyplace since they needn’t bother with soil to endure. A great many people like to hang air plants in glass terrariums loaded up with brilliant accents and knickknacks. Keep your plant in a spot with great air dissemination and a lot of splendid light. These plants are great because they can grow almost anywhere so you can use a variety of different vases and planters to hold the plans and decorate your windows. 

Arrowhead Plants 

 Arrowhead Plant plants are otherwise called five fingers. These names are from the changing state of the plant’s leaves. The leaves start off as an Arrowhead Plant shape and at last grow a couple “fingers.” The plant will develop into a long plant after some time, so avoid managing the leaves to permit them to develop overall quite long for a hanging bin. You can discover these plants in shades of green, pink and burgundy. Arrowhead Plant plants like sticky conditions, so they’re extraordinary plants for windows.  

Chenille Plants Columbus, OH vinyl window and siding

Chenille plants develop rapidly and can get to incredible lengths whenever given legitimate care. In its living space, this plant can develop as tall as 15 feet. Be that as it may, this plant possibly grows up to 6 feet when grown indoors. Pruning back these hanging plants advances new development and is ideal in the event that you need to keep them long and big. The plant’s fluffy red blossoms, which are really a lot of pistils grouped together, make a major impact and are extraordinary from any other basic all-green houseplant. Given their beautiful nature, this plant is ideal for hanging in your new windows. 

If you are thinking about getting Columbus, OH vinyl window and siding and you want to be able to hang some plants in your new windows, be sure to keep the above options in mind, there are many beautiful plants to choose from so take your time and choose the best ones. If you are ready to by some new windows for your home or want to check out your options, be sure to call Columbus Windows and Siding. We are happy to help with all your replacement window needs. Give us a call today or stop by to check out our selection of windows and to learn more about our services.

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