Painting Board and Batten Vinyl Siding

It may be necessary to paint board and batten siding if it is made of wood. To give a board and batten a dimensional look, thin wood strips are attached to the surface. It may take some time and effort to paint this type of siding, and it has to be done properly to look cohesive. Here are some tips for painting your exterior board and batten like a professional. If you decide that you want to get new board and batten vinyl siding Columbus, OH, you can choose from a large selection. Keep in mind that whether you paint or buy new siding for your home, you will need to work home to maintain it and keep it looking nice.

Clean The Board And Batten

Wood siding cleaner should be used to clean the board and batten. The paint will not adhere properly if you don’t remove any soapy residue from the surface after spraying your cleaner down. Use the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In order to remove stains that aren’t easily removed by spraying, scrub the siding if necessary. Before you begin painting the siding, let it completely dry.

Sand Down Old Paint

The board and batten may need to be sanded down if the old paint is peeling. When painting, make sure your surface is even by sanding down any rough spots and peeling paint. Make sure all holes and cracks that paint can’t cover are filled with wood filler, smoothed out, and then sanded.

Caulk Openings

Make sure there are no cracks or openings along the edges of the wood pieces by caulking them. Water cannot get behind vertical wood pieces on siding with caulking. In some cases, paint will fill in these cracks, but caulking will help make the cracks look more cohesive. You should fill these cracks with exterior caulk that is paintable. Tap your finger on the caulk to smooth it out.

Paint The WoodBaord and Batten Vinyl Siding Columbus Ohio 2

Use a roller and brush to paint your board and batten. Exterior paint should be used. Using a paintbrush, paint the edges of the strips of vertical wood, then roll between them. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second. It may be necessary to apply a second and a third coat. It is important to allow each coat to dry before applying the next. It is important to allow each coat to dry before applying the next. Paint your board and batten home professionally if you want to give it a new look or if you would like to make it stand out from the other homes in your neighborhood. If you would rather buy new board and batten siding for your home, you can reach out to us. We have a large selection of different types of siding and we can help you choose the right type for your home. When it comes time to get your board and batten vinyl siding Columbus, OH be sure to give us a call to learn more.


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