How To Remove Your Old Vertical Siding

Due to the lack of exposed fasteners, vertical siding, especially vinyl siding, can appear impossible to remove. The reason for this is that vinyl siding has a lip, known as a buttlock, that covers the fasteners. To expose the fasteners that you want to remove, you will need to unhook the buttlock. Using a cat’s paw bar, you can easily remove the nails once the fasteners are exposed. When working with siding, you unlock the buttlock, remove the fasteners, or do an entire wall from one end to the other. Here are some tips to help you remove vertical siding in Columbus, Ohio.

The first piece of vertical siding you are removing is located at the bottom. The buttlock seam of that initial piece covers the nail fasteners on the left and right sides. For vertical siding that is beyond your reach, you may need to place a ladder there.

The top edge of the vertical siding can be seen by lifting up the very top portion of the trim. You can slide the zip tool hook between the lip of the buttlock and the toplock. Remove the siding by pulling the zip tool out so that the buttlock lip is disengaged.

You should keep the hook of the zip tool behind the lip of the buttocks. Remove the siding by sliding the zip tool down to expose the nail fasteners that need to be removed as well.

Use the pronged end of a cat’s paw bar to remove nails from siding pieces not being removed. When you are working on the piece, start at the bottom and work your way up so that it does not fall or fold onto you. In order to remove the siding completely from the structure, disengage the buttlock lip from the parallel piece.

Attach Replacement Siding

Make sure the siding is cut to the right length. Scrap wood can be used to create gauges that are attached at a 90-degree angle. The distance between the edges of the larger and smaller pieces needs to match the amount of siding exposed on each lap. You can create the proper spacing every time by hooking that smaller piece on the row below the repair. The siding should then be primed on all sides. Make sure the primer has dried before installing it.

vertical siding Columbus Windows and Siding Company v6Starting at the bottom, overlap the boards until each row of new siding has the same reveal as the old siding. Using a tape measure or a spacer gauge, you can mark the reveal by screwing two blocks of wood together. Make sure the new siding is nailed near the top, so the row above it conceals the nails. If the siding is exposed at the bottom, the nails can be exposed with the siding face-nailed. If you are going to use siding nails, make sure they are corrosion-resistant galvanized or stainless steel.

If you are planning to get new siding, you will need to remove the old siding first. This can be tricky. If you need help removing your old vertical siding in Columbus, Ohio keep the above tips in mind. Contact us now.

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