How To Remove Tree Sap From Hilliard, OH Replacement Windows

Hilliard, OH replacement window

Anyone who has ever had a tree close to their house knows the annoyance of sap seeping onto windows and other surfaces. Not only is it unsightly, but tree saps can also be difficult to remove. If you have recently bought Hilliard, OH replacement windows, you are probably looking for ways to keep the tree sap off windows. Here are a few simple steps that can help to remove tree sap from windows and other surfaces.

1) Prepare the Necessary Cleaning Supplies.

cleaning supplies for removing sap

Start by preparing the necessary cleaning materials you’ll need to remove sap from windows.

-a bucket of soapy water or window cleaner

-paper towel or a cloth

-rubber gloves (optional)

-an old toothbrush (optional)


2) Pour a Bucket of Soapy Water or Window Cleaner Over the Sap on the Window. If the Sap is Sticky, You may Want to Wear Rubber Gloves.

pour soapy water on windows with tree sap


One popular method is to pour a bucket of soapy water or window cleaner over the sap and let it sit for a few minutes. You can also use a commercial product like WD-40 or bug spray. The soap will help break down the sap, making it easier to remove. If the sap is still sticky, you may want to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.



3) Rub the Sap with a Paper Towel or Cloth and Use a Toothbrush if Necessary.

use paper towel


If the sap is fresh, you may be able to simply rub it away with a paper towel or cloth. If the sap is old and stubborn, you may need to use an old toothbrush to help scrub it off. Be sure to get all of the sap off the window, or it may attract dirt and dust.




4) Rinse the Window with Clean Water and Dry It Off with a Cloth or Paper Towel. Your Window Should Now be Sap-free!

rinse windows with clean water


Once you’ve finished doing all the steps. Simply rinse the window with clean water. Then, using a cloth or paper towel, gently rub the sap off of the glass. Once you’ve removed all of the sap, dry the window with a clean cloth or paper towel. And that’s it – your window will be sparkling clean and free of tree sap!



Other Useful Substances to Remove Tree Sap on Windows

Rubbing Alcohol

rubbing alcoholRubbing alcohol is a great option for removing tree sap. It won’t ruin your windows and is gentle enough to use on all types of glass. It’s tough enough that it can break through the sticky sap and make it easier to clean off the windows. You may still need to scrape at the sap to remove it completely, but the alcohol will break down the sap and loosen it up so you can wipe it away. You may need to apply the alcohol more than once to get all the sap off the glass. Be sure to rinse it with water after.



Nail Polish Remover

Once the sap has hardened on the windows it can be almost impossible to get lost. You can scrap and scrub, but it doesn’t seem to budge. You need something that can break through the sap and loosen it up so you can remove it. Nail polish remover and acetone are strong enough to do this without causing any damage to your new windows. You can add more and more acetone or nail polish remover to the sap until you see it become sticky again. Eventually, it will break down and become loose enough that you can remove it with a cloth or sponge.

Goo Gone

goo goneGoo Gone is a product that is meant to remove sticky things from surfaces. It is safe to use on glass so it won’t hurt your windows. You can apply it with a spray bottle or pour some on a cloth or sponge and use it to start scrubbing the windows. The Goo Gone works to loosen the sap and will start to smear it but then take it away completely. You may need to continue to add the Goo Gone to the sap until it’s completely loosened up and can be wiped more easily.


If you are getting Hilliard, OH replacement windows, and want to make sure they stay in good condition, you need to know how to remove tree sap if it happens to get on them. If your windows are near trees, it’s very possible. The above suggestions can help you remove sap that gets stuck on your windows. If you are ready to buy new windows for your home, be sure to reach out to Columbus Windows and Siding Company. We are here to help you find the right windows for your home.

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