How To Keep Spider Webs Off Your Hilliard, OH Vinyl Siding

Hilliard, OH siding

When you buy new Hilliard, OH vinyl siding for your home, you want to make sure it always looks nice and clean. There are some things that can cause your vinyl siding to look bad and unclean and one of those things is spider webs. Spiders build their webs in places where they can easily catch food and sometimes that means the vinyl siding on your home. If you want to keep your vinyl siding looking great, use these tips to help remove spider webs from your vinyl siding.

Key Takeaways:

Unclean, porous surfaces attract bugs like moths which can lead to an infestation before you know it! Keep your house looking nice and clean with these easy tips to prevent spider webs outside the house.

  • It’s important to dust your home both on the inside and outside. You can use a leaf blower, power washer, or just a dust rag to wipe down your vinyl siding weekly.
  • Spiders don’t like the smell of cloves, so dropping or sprinkling them around your vinyl siding may help keep spiders away.
  • Use a hose to spray the vinyl siding and remove any webs or insects that may be there; this will also dissuade spiders from making their home there.


Dust Often

You probably already dust the inside of your home but you should also do the same for the outside. You can also use a leaf blower to help While you may clean often if you are not dusting your vinyl siding enough the dust could gather in the form of spider webs. If you are tired of seeing when you look at your home, you have to take action by cleaning the vinyl siding often. You can use a hose and power washer or just use a dust rag to wipe them down weekly to reduce dust and cobwebs.


Remove the spiders. Spiders do not like the smell of cloves so putting them around the outside of your home may help. You may not want to remove the spiders from your home completely, as they can help reduce other insects that can cause problems or even be dangerous. Instead, you can just make the vinyl siding less appealing. Use cloves or cinnamon and drop or sprinkle them around your vinyl siding to make the spiders want to leave so there won’t be any webs on your vinyl siding any longer.


It’s important to clean your vinyl siding if you want it to look good. Use a hose to spray the vinyl siding and remove any webs or insects that may be there. If spiders are trying to make their home there, they may not like the constant water and cleaning products you keep applying. This can persuade them to make a home somewhere else so they won’t be building webs on your vinyl siding. It will also reduce the dirt and must that can get splashed on the vinyl siding and make it look worse and attract more pests that could build webs on your vinyl siding.

Choosing to get Hilliard, OH vinyl siding and making it look nice can be a great way to keep your home looking nice. If you are thinking about a way to keep the spider webs from your vinyl siding, the above tops are a few things to keep in mind. You can also find other things that can work to keep spiders from building their webs on your vinyl siding. If you need help finding the right vinyl siding for your home you should call Columbus Window and vinyl siding Company. We are happy to help with all your vinyl siding needs. Just stop by to learn more about our products and to learn about all the ways we can help you.

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