How To Hang Things On Vertical Vinyl Siding

Because vinyl siding has no exposed fasteners, vertical siding can seem impossible to remove. This is due to vertical vinyl siding in Columbus, OH having a lip over the fasteners, called a buttlock. If you want to remove the fasteners, you will need to unhook the buttlock. It’s pretty easy to remove the nails once the fasteners have been exposed with the help of a cat’s paw bar. To unlock a buttlock, pull fasteners, or finish an entire wall, you work as you go from end to end.

Start by locating the vertical siding you plan on removing. The buttlock seam that covers the nail fasteners can be found on the left or right side of that initial piece. When the vertical siding cannot be reached, place a ladder in that area.

To expose the top edge of the vertical siding, lift up the very top portion of the trim. The hook of the zip tool needs to be slid between the lip of the buttlock and the toplock. The zip tool should be inserted into the zip lock lip to disengage it from the siding.

The hook of the zip tool should be kept behind the lip of the buttock. To reveal the nail fasteners that need to be removed, slide the zip tool along the siding you’re removing.

Use your arm to gently hold siding pieces that are not being removed when removing nails with a cat’s paw bar. Make sure the piece doesn’t fall or fold onto you while working by working from the bottom up.

In order to fully remove the siding from the structure, you will need to disengage the downward lip of the siding from the parallel piece.

Make sure you use the right hooks for vinyl siding before hanging your decor. One end of the siding planks tucks behind one of the s-shaped boards.

The curve of the hook should be pushed between the siding panels when you are ready to hang something on it. If you want to make sure the hook is secure, give it a gentle tug.

vertical siding Columbus Windows and Siding Company v2You will likely need to spend a lot of money on repairs if you have heavy items that pull down and destroy your siding. Siding hooks can serve as a reliable means of carrying weights up to 12 pounds without bending or breaking. If you want to avoid rusting or staining your vinyl siding, we recommend stainless steel hooks. You might have to pay a little more for stainless steel hooks than aluminum, but this is a small price to pay to prevent streaks of rust on your siding.

If you are in need of new siding, be sure to reach out to us. We have a large selection and we can help you choose what type is right for you. Once you have installed your vertical vinyl siding in Columbus, OH, be sure to keep the above tips and suggestions in mind so you can hang all your outdoor decor on the siding without worrying about damaging it or any of the items you hang.

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