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How To Clean Water Spots From Columbus, OH Replacement Windows After The Rain

The rain is nice to watch and it helps replenish the earth, but if you have recently purchased Columbus, OH replacement windows, you may notice that once the rain stops and the windows dry, there are water spots on them. These can appear as small dots or entire streaks. They can be difficult to clean and make it hard to see out your windows very well. If you are tired of stressing over the water marks on your windows, be sure to keep some of these tips and ideas in mind to help you clean them more easily.


If you aren’t having any luck removing the water spots from your windows with soap or other cleaning solutions, you may want to use vinegar instead. You can add the vinegar to a spray bottle and then apply it directly to the windows. The vinegar will help to remove anything else that may be on the windows and causing the water spots to look bad. You can wipe the windows with a towel and allow them to dry. This will give your windows a clean and fresh look.


If you think the water spots are showing up on your windows because they are drying that way, you can always take a squeegee to the windows and wipe away the water before it has a chance to dry and streak. You can find these at most auto parts stores or in the cleaning department of your local store. Just use the squeegee to remove the water. This will prevent the spots and streaking. You can also use the squeegee with soap and water or vinegar to clean the windows more thoroughly.

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If you aren’t’ able to clean your windows properly to get the spots removed, you may not be using the right cleaning products. You want to use products that are designed specifically for glass. This will not only remove any grime and dirt that could be on the windows and cause more severe water sports or streaks, but it will make it so the water is less likely to dry on the windows quickly. This will allow you to get your windows clean and clear so you can see out of them better and so the rain doesn’t have such a big effect on them.

If you have recently purchased Columbus, OH replacement windows and you are noticing that they have water spots or streaks after the rains, you may want to think about all the ways you could clean them better. You can keep the above tips and suggestions in mind when you are cleaning your windows. They can help you get your windows cleaner and avoid streaks and spots. You may also find other ways that work better for you. If you are ready to buy your new windows, be sure to call Columbus Windows and Siding Company. We are happy to help you.