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Horizontal Siding Or Vertical Siding?

If you are struggling to decide between horizontal or vinyl vertical siding in Columbus, OH, be sure to keep some of these points in mind.

What Is Horizontal Siding?

Exterior coverings like horizontal siding are very popular. Long strips of siding run horizontally across the exterior walls of your home, covering large areas. By providing a seamless surface for air conditioners, gutters, and other protruding items to rest against instead of allowing them to stick out into plain sight, horizontal siding typically uses wood or vinyl panels to hide unsightly features like air conditioners, gutters, and other protruding items on your home’s exterior walls.

The advantages of this type of siding include:


Various styles and patterns of horizontal siding are available, including plain, textured, or painted panels that look like brick or stone.

Each siding piece overlaps the next half inch or more. This type of siding runs parallel to the ground. There are many materials used to make it, including wood, vinyl, and fiber cement (a concrete mix infused with wood fiber).

You can paint or stain horizontal siding and you can wash it down with water when it gets dirty. The horizontal siding you choose can also match the color scheme of your home.


When properly maintained, horizontal siding can last for decades. Because it’s installed away from the elements rather than directly exposed to them like vertical siding, it’s also resistant to extreme weather conditions like snow and rain.


Due to their ease of installation and maintenance, horizontal materials are usually less expensive than vertical materials. Also, vertical siding is less energy-efficient than horizontal siding.

Some premium options, such as wood shingles and brick, can cost more than their counterparts due to the high demand. Vinyl and aluminum panels, on the other hand, are less expensive.

If you want to determine which horizontal siding option is best for you, you need to consider these costs as well as their long-term performance.

What to Know About Vertical Siding

An additional benefit of vertical siding is that it adds style and architectural interest to a house while also protecting it from the elements, such as wind and rain.

In addition to adding style and architectural interest to a home, vertical siding protects it from the elements such as covered steel panels.

In addition to adding style and architectural interest to a home, vertical siding protects it from the elements such asr homes stand out from the crowd. Vertical siding can add a modern, sleek look to your home or it can help complete the historic feel that you’re going for.

As the surface of vertical siding faces outward, it is typically installed horizontally along the wall’s length. Restaurants, hotels, and retail stores often use it on their exteriors, where customers can see it up close.

Choosing the Right Siding Is an Important Step in the Process

There are a variety of materials and styles available for vertical siding, but wood and fiber cement are the two most common. An angle between two walls (such as a gable end) is commonly covered with vertical siding.

A commercial building often uses it, but residential homes can also benefit from it – especially if you want to create a unique look.

To keep it looking good and functioning properly, vertical siding requires extra maintenance. Vertical siding offers greater protection against the elements than horizontal siding.

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Always Consult With a Siding Professional First

Due to its versatility and ability to be installed on any type of wall, horizontal siding is the most common and therefore most popular type of siding. There are also benefits to vertical siding, but it has a harder time finding and installing.

The best choice for you might be vertical siding if you are looking for a new style or something that will last for a long time. A company that specializes in windows and siding installation can explain the benefits of each type of siding. Call us if you need vinyl vertical siding contractors in Columbus, OH.