Common Problems With Vertical Vinyl Siding

If you have siding on your home, there are some things that may be wrong with it. Many of these things can be fixed but if it can’t, you may need to get replacement siding. When you are trying to decide if you should buy new vertical vinyl siding in Columbus, OH be aware of these common siding problems that you may be seeing with your current siding that may motivate you to replace it.

It Can Crack

Though vinyl siding has evolved into a wide range of colors and styles since its inception, the truth remains that it is still a plastic material and looks like a plastic material. The texture and look of vinyl are very different from real wood, even when you look at it from a distance. As it’s molded, if it’s not installed correctly, the bends and overlapping of the next board can be easily seen, which can reduce the curb appeal of the home. In addition, the property can develop cracks and holes over time, making the property appear rundown.

Water Leaks

Its water-resistance means it can be used as a natural rainscreen when installed without backing, allowing water to drain from behind. It is unfortunately very common for fiber cement siding to be installed with a foam backing, in which case moisture is trapped behind the siding and nowhere to go. Despite the fact that vinyl itself is unaffected by water, you may not realize that water infiltration has occurred or that it has caused issues – rot, mold, and mildew – until it’s too late.

It Can Warp

However, vinyl does warp a bit in hot temperatures even though it doesn’t peel or chip. A hot summer climate makes vinyl siding a poor choice, as it will change shape after a few years. If you don’t also install some form of shade over your home, the same problem will keep happening again and again. Especially in desert regions, where trees may not grow well and summer temperatures can reach high enough to melt siding, this issue may arise.

It Melts

There have been cases of homeowners experiencing siding melting in cold climates as well. Most of those who experience siding melting live in hot climates. Most people will invest in insulating glass windows if they live in cold climates. Light passes through the glass bending the way it passes through the insulation, a bit like magnifying glass. You may melt your siding even on the coldestvertical siding Columbus Windows and Siding Company days if your neighbor has insulated windows, and you have vinyl siding.

If you notice that your current siding is having any of these problems, you may need to get vertical vinyl siding in Columbus, OH. We can help you choose the siding that is best for your home. We can point out the common problems that may occur with your siding and help you choose the replacement siding that you need for your home. Let us help you with all your siding needs. Stop by to check out our selection or check our reviews.

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