Can You Stain Board And Batten Siding?

Staining your home starts with choosing the right stain. Transparency varies among stains. More opaque stains cover wood grain and provide longer-lasting protection, while very transparent stains show through wood grain. The maximum amount of protection is offered by some stains, which are totally solid. If you are wondering if you can stain board and batten siding in Columbus, Ohio be sure to consider all of these tips and ideas. If you have questions about siding, reach out to us for all the help you need.

Additionally, you need to choose a stain color that fits your taste. A transparent stain product like Cetol Log and Siding is available primarily in shades of blonde and honey, mimicking natural wood. In order to enhance performance and durability, some high quality wood stains also come as base coats and top coats.

Project Preparation

Following the selection of the appropriate product, you will need to prepare your siding for staining. First, sand the siding until it is smooth and much of the old stain has been removed if it was previously stained. You can use an orbital sander to sand the surface using a medium-grit sandpaper.

Cleaning your home’s siding is the next step. Besides a scrub brush and mild detergent, you’ll need a garden hose with a spray nozzle and warm water. Spray a strong jet of water down the siding after removing dirt and grit with the scrub brush.

Staining the siding should be delayed at least a couple of days until it has dried. Scrub the siding with an oxygen bleach and water combination if mold or mildew is found. Mold will be killed by this method.

Dry rot may cause sections of your house to deteriorate as you clean it. Prior to applying stain, you will need to replace or repair any damaged sections. The house needs to be sanded, cleaned, and dried before staining can begin. You should already be familiar with how this process works if you’ve ever painted a room. The following tips will help you:

  • Ensure that the plants and shrubs around the house are protected from staining by covering them with tarps.
  • Working in small sections at a time is best. The board may show overlap marks when finished if you leave it partially stained and finish staining it later.
  • The wood grain should be painted in the direction of the paint.
  • When applying the product, follow the instructions of the manufacturer for the recommendedboard and batten siding in royal building ironstone temperature and humidity outside.
  • As soon as the weather forecast predicts that there will be no rain for several days, begin applying stain.
  • Start by staining just a small, discrete portion of the siding. After you have achieved the desired look, continue with the staining process.

If you are thinking about staining your board and batten siding in Columbus, Ohio be sure to keep the above tops in mind. You can also call us for help with all your board and batten siding needs.

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