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Can You Paint Vertical Siding?

The low maintenance nature of vinyl siding makes it an affordable, popular and smart choice for siding. Vinyl siding is not only durable, but it has improved in quality over the years as well. In any case, vinyl siding, even when relatively new, will probably start to look faded over time. Painting your vertical siding in Columbus, Ohio can be done for any reason, whether it’s because it’s getting older or just because you want a new look.

Can You Paint Siding?

However, painting vinyl siding on your own is a major undertaking. There’s nothing to worry about, it’s simple. When it comes to painting vinyl siding, you won’t need to learn any new painting techniques. You may be familiar with these steps if you have painted anything else before. Vinyl needs to be painted with some considerations, however. Those considerations will be discussed below, no worries.

The Right Season

Before beginning your project, check your local weather forecast. Weather conditions that are perfect for vinyl siding painting include mild temperatures, low humidity, and clouds. It might not be possible for your paint to adhere properly to vinyl siding if the weather is scorching, too bright, or too windy. You might think that painting your vinyl siding when conditions aren’t ideal might look okay at first, but it will likely fail to adhere effectively and possibly crack and flake over time.

The Right Paint

If you want to paint your vinyl siding, you can’t use just any paint. Acrylic and urethane resins must both be present in the paint. Since resins accommodate contractions and expansions of vinyl, they help paint adhere to vinyl. Similarly, you should choose a lighter shade of paint or a similar one to your current color. Due to the heat trapping capabilities of dark colors, your siding will warp more rapidly. When painting your vinyl siding, use latex urethane paint that’s designed for outdoor use.

Clean It

To achieve a professional look, it is important to clean your vinyl siding. You won’t be able to clean the siding by simplyvertical siding Columbus Windows and Siding Company v2 running your hose over it. Before painting vinyl siding, you should thoroughly clean it to remove mold, mildew, buildup, and debris. Using one gallon of water and one quart of laundry bleach, mix one third of a cup of laundry detergent with two thirds of a cup of powdered household cleaner. You can then use a vinyl siding cleaner to clean your vinyl siding using a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Ensure that your vinyl siding has been completely dried before moving forward.

Be sure to keep the tips and suggestions above in mind when you purchase new vertical siding in Columbus, Ohio and intend to paint or customize it. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance choosing the right siding brands. Stop by or give us a call to learn more about all the siding options we have available for you. We are here to work with you and make sure you choose the siding or your home.